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Eight law enforcement officers chartered the Blue Knights® California Chapter XXIV in May of 2011 with a passion for riding motorcycles. Chapter meetings generally take place on the 3rd Saturday of each month at various locations within Southwest Riverside County. Please see our calendar section for information on up-coming meetings, rides, and events.

Who are the Blue Knights® International Motorcycle Club

The Blue Knights® are a non-profit fraternal organization consisting of active and retired law enforcement officers who enjoy riding motorcycles. In the spring of 1974, several law enforcement officers* from the Bangor, Maine (USA) area met and formed a small, local motorcycle club. Soon, Blue Knight chapters were being formed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and beyond. With the addition of Canada, and later Australia, the Blue Knights became an international organization. *Our Founding Fathers are: Joel Rudom, Bill Robinson, Doug Miner, Ed Gallant, Mike Hall, Chuck Gesner, Wayne Labree, Chuck Shuman. Our charitable organization has contributed over $16.5 million dollars toward various charities throughout the world. We have 637 chapters with over 20,400 members, within 25 countries and we are growing each day.

Our Pledge As a Blue Knight: I pledge to act with honor and pride to promote motorcycling and motorcycle safety by being an example of the safe use, operation and enjoyment of motorcycles. I will work at all times to improve the relationship between the motorcycling law enforcement community and the general public. The fraternal spirit will always guide me in relating to other Blue Knights®

If you feel that you qualify and would like more information or an application to become a member of the world's largest and best motorcycle club for law enforcement officers visit our Membership Information Page here or the International web site at;


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Rick Zerkle, Vice President - CA24

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